Monday, December 8, 2008

Rachel Getting Married - Movie

I just caught a short glimpse at a promo for this movie the other day and thought it would be interesting.

The description as posted on YouTube:

When KYM (Anne Hathaway) returns to the Buchman family home for the wedding of her sister RACHEL (Rosemarie Dewitt), she brings a long history of personal crisis and family conflict along with her. The wedding partys abundant cast of friends and relations have gathered for an idyllic weekend of feasting, music and love, but Kym—with her black-comic one-liners and knack for bombshell drama—is a catalyst for long-simmering tensions in the family dynamic. Filled with the rich and eclectic characters that have always been a hallmark of Jonathan Demmes films, RACHEL GETTING MARRIED paints a strikingly perceptive and sometimes hilarious family portrait. Director Demme, first-time writer Jenny Lumet, and the stellar acting ensemble leaven the drama of these difficult but compelling people with wry affection and generosity of spirit.

Anne Hathaway is a pretty good actress in what I've seen, and this is an interesting dramatic role. From the trailer, it looks like the film was shot on the same sort of camcorder you'd see at a wedding anyhow. I thought to post about this movie tonight because I was reading through Roger Ebert's list of the best films of 2008 when I saw his review.

"Rachel Getting Married" After seeing this film, people told me, "I wanted to attend that wedding" or "I wish I'd been there." It's that involving. Jonathan Demme doesn't lock down one central plot, but considers the ceremony as a wedding of close and distant family, old and new friends, many races, many ages, many lifestyles, all joined amid joyous homemade music. His camera is so observant, we feel like a guest really does feel. Rosemarie DeWitt as Rachel and Anne Hathaway as her sister generate tricky sibling tension.

Well, that's worth a trip to the video store at the least. I'm not always sure about movie reviews or reviewers as I've not always agreed, even with the esteemed Mr. Ebert. But for the movies in his list that I have seen (comic book hits The Dark Knight & Iron Man), I'd say he is spot on. And with such a unique perspective on this treatment of a typical wedding, you really shouldn't miss it.

Also: The Soundtrack is Currently Available...

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