Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sale on Disposable Cameras - The Knot Wedding Shop

Getting tons of pictures from your wedding reception can seem difficult when you just have one photographer. However, one recent fad occurring at receptions over the last few years is providing disposable cameras at every table (or for every guest) and encouraging them to take their own shots on your behalf. At the end of the night, someone collects the cameras as they are left on the tables. This is crowdsourcing in it's best form and it's free. Tons of pictures of various quality will be the result and a lot of great candid gems will come to the surface after sifting. Even if you hire a professional wedding photographer for your special day (and you should), these supplemental snapshots will really help you see your wedding day all over again from your guests' perspectives.

Right now, The Knot Wedding Shop is having a special promotion on their full category of wedding cameras.

Wedding Cameras On Sale at The Knot Wedding Shop

Be sure to check out their selection and choose one to match your decoration style.

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