Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Skin Care - Wedding and Honeymoon Skin Care - Skin Care

Proper skin care preparation for your big day and honeymoon is very important.

I confess: I spent more money on skin care and cosmetics than I did on my wedding dress. Before the big day, I couldn't pass a drugstore skin care display or department-store cosmetics counter without picking up some version of what a doyenne of beauty once called 'hope in a jar.' The habit got so expensive, I probably should have registered for skin care and cosmetics at the Chanel counter instead of sheets and towels at Bed Bath & Beyond. And on my wedding day, I was wearing so much eye makeup (they tell you to glop it on for the wedding photos), I could barely blink without stinging tears falling to my cheeks. Fortunately, everyone assumed it was the emotion of the moment, rather than the irritants in the mascara, that choked me up.

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